Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase for Victorian Home London

Spiral Stairs add a touch of Elegance to your home.

There are several ways to incorporate Victorian design elements into your home. Victorian design styles are known for the ornate details and excess in the design. Your staircase is the perfect place to incorporate Victorian designs into your home. A spiral stair not only is a grand design by nature, but a spiral stair fabricated and installed by Shelley Engineering can help take your project and the design of your home to the next level.

Spiral stairs are the perfect stair design for homes looking to add Victorian elegance. They are known for grand designs and can easily become a centerpiece in your home internally or externally. Whether you want a large piece that is reminiscent of a grand entrance hall or a small piece of Victorian design with a small footprint, a spiral stair can fit into your space.

Shelley’s Spiral Stair has completely bespoke designs that can incorporate lots of ornate details for truly Victorian stairs.

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