Sheet Metalwork and Metal Fabrication Services

Bespoke sheet metalwork solutions from concept to completion

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Flawless sheet metalwork to keep your business moving forward

Poor metalwork can lead to costly rework and extensive project delays. No one wants that frustration. Shelley Engineering prioritises quality assurance, implementing rigorous inspection procedures to ensure superior craftsmanship and a finish that exceeds expectations.

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Sheet Metalwork Services We Provide:

Manufacturing sheet metal

CAD facilities

Powder Coating facilities

Laser cutting and profiling

CNC bending and punching


Full installation services

Machine shop – turning and milling


Prototype Solutions: We’ll Bring Your Ideas to Life

At Shelley Engineering, we specialise in turning ideas into reality through our prototyping service. We provide expert guidance to manage budgets and minimise risks, guiding you through the process with precision and efficiency. From idea exploration to CAD design development, precision fabrication, rigorous testing, and iterative refinement, we ensure your vision is transformed into a tangible prototype, ready for rollout.

Types Of Metal We Can Work With:


Stainless Steel



Mild steel




Timely Delivery

We know how critical it is for you to meet project deadlines It’s why our efficient project management process is designed to ensure your sheet metalwork components are manufactured, delivered, and even installed, if required, on your schedule.

Quality Assured

From material selection to final inspection, our meticulous measures ensure impeccable results. Inspections and tests throughout the production process identify and resolve any concerns through refinements that ensure compliance with industry standards.

Clear Communication

Collaboration is vital for success. We keep you involved every step of the way. From initial consultation to project completion, we actively listen to your ideas and address any concerns, providing prompt updates to keep you informed throughout the project.

Impeccable Finishes: Elevate Your Project with Shelley

At Shelley Engineering, we take pride in delivering impeccable finishes that add the perfect touch of elegance to sheet metalwork projects. Whether it's handrails, balustrading, balconies, shop displays and counters, we offer a range of options to suit your design preferences.

Choose from our brushed or mirror-polished finishes to achieve the desired aesthetic for your project. The brushed finish adds a subtle and sophisticated texture, while the mirror-polished finish brings a captivating shine that creates a visually stunning result. Metal finishes we can provide include:

Stainless steel

Black Metal

Chrome plating

Polished Gold


Hardening & heat treatments

Powder Coating


Nickel plating

Ready to work with the right metalwork partner on your next project?

  1. Design and Price – Let us know your vision and we’ll put together the right solution for your needs and budget. 
  2. Fabricate and FitOur skilled team will make and ship your metalwork or install your project for you.
  3. Celebrate Success – Get headache-free custom metalwork you can be proud of.
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Metal work projects we have worked on

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High Quality Jewellery Display Cabinets

Case study:  High Quality Jewellery Display Cabinets We were approached by our customer with an outline of oversized cabinets that were required to model high-end jewellery. The company were not sure how the cabinets would operate and provided sketch-type drawings of what was needed but no information about how they would be manufactured, operate as…

drk curved channel

Curved Ceiling Light Fitting

Case study:  Curved Ceiling Light Fitting   Our customer approached us with a plastic flexible led light strip wanting us to design and manufacture a fixing that would allow them to install the flexible LED light strip into the ceiling. It needed to be any combination of curved profile with the fixing element hidden under…


Design and manufacture Metal tube lumieres

Case study: Lumieres – Tube Lights   Our customer approached us to design and manufacture tube lumieres. They produced an architect’s view of what they wanted it to look like. We were not given any drawings, just a rough sketch and an indication of the gaps required between each of the lumieres. The customer required…


Metal Fabricators For Art Design

Case study:  Design and manufacture – Public Art Piece        We were approached by our customer with an artist’s impression of an art piece and asked to design and manufacture it. The art piece was to be placed in an external public area. We were not given drawings and the customer did not know what materials…

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What Clients Have To Say About Our Work

Exceed Expectations, Safeguard Your Reputation

Your sheet metalwork projects are more than just metal - they represent your reputation. Choosing the right partner is crucial. At Shelley Engineering, we get it. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, reliable project management, and exceptional customer service, we ensure your projects get the results you need. No more delays, poor quality, or costly rework. Call our team today and experience the difference Shelley makes.

Your questions about Architectural Metalwork Answered.

Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing process where sheets of metal are cut, folded, and assembled into functional parts with a range of tools and machines. The cutting of the sheet metal is achieved using a laser cutting or punching process. Welding or other joining methods can be used to join parts to create complex assemblies.