Bespoke Metal Handrail

Bespoke Metal Handrail for Staircase

Why are handrails important ?

The handrail is the part of the staircase for which texture and appearance are probably the most important. This is the part of the staircase that will receive the most physical contact from hands, so the shape, choice of material and overall feel of the handrail make a massive impact on the user experience of the design.


At Shelley Engineering you can choose from a selection of metals such as brass, stainless steel and mild steel powder coated or finished to your specific requirement.


Handrails range from low minimalist designs to rounded and more traditional decorative styles. Once you have decided on your material, you will then need to choose a how you would like it fixed and finished. Shelley also offer an installation service.


Along with being an aesthetic feature, handrails are an important component for safety. For this reason, all handrail profiles available from Shelley Engineering have been designed to be both appealing to look at and easy to hold on to. Catering for all building shapes and sizes, Shelley Engineering handrails made to measure creating a beautiful finish to your staircase.

Along with bespoke handrail profiles for balustrades there are also a range of options for wall mounted handrails which provide a straightforward option for installing a wall mounted handrail.

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